When BDSM and submission became ritualistic in my everyday sex life?

BDSM, compared to the rest of sexual fantasies, is quite multi-faceted where pain becomes a gateway to bring master and slave together. Being high-profile Escorts in Germany, my life is seen quite differently and I can say that the height of BDSM sexuality is simply unimaginable, especially when you are upto 24-hour submission sex.

I adhered to my days as a sex slave and enjoyed it pretty much.

The game of LOVE, SEX and SLAVE is becoming a trendsetter these days and the majority of business professions are looking forward to it. The feeling of aggressive sex is exceptional and cannot be explained in words; at least not in easy words.

My First Time as BDSM

Before a shy girl becomes a whore, it was easy for a stranger to assume me as ‘inexperienced female.’

VIP Escort Germany

I’ve been dating many people prior to the 1st time I had BDSM sex. For a girl who has barely kissed a man and is asking about BDSM is a groundbreaking decision of her life. The picture is still fresh when I experienced the utmost pleasure and where the dominant partner determines your life. I was fascinated with the arresting appeal of his, and there comes a time when your soul even desires more. Our services are available in Stuttgart, München, Hamburg, Frankfurt & Berlin.

I was in for a pure sexual experience.

„Touch me, beautiful“ — He commended me for the pleasure and I hurried to oblige. As I entered the bedroom, I saw a large sized bed in front of my eyes, with a red satin bottom sheet on it. On the corners I saw chainsaws and straps; even a blind person can assume that excitement is about to begin. I was wearing a corset dress which was revealing my ass, body curves and breasts in a luscious way.  He told me– “lie down on the bed”. He lifted my arm up and tied my wrist. Now I was tied and lying vulnerable on the bed. He stood over there and looked down at me. I was half naked and he gently put his finger on my body and started massaging slowly. He smiled at me slightly and started to caress my face. His fingers moved to my lips and organs. I moaned slowly. The ‘UMMMM’ and ‘AAHAAA’ were influencing him to lick and suck more. “But then it all stopped….” He then moved a stick between my legs and I felt throbbing. Every time he pulled was like joy was pulled away from me. NOOOO- I cried in anguish, but the pain was pleasurable to bear that day. I was embracing this powerful sex: a mixture of annoyance and pleasure. When it all ended, I knew I was destined to play it very nicely.

BDSM is remarked as a spiritual sexual experience that causes loads of excitement during sex. The session is for those people who know no boundation and prefer no boundation. Even various Hollywood movies like “50 Shades of Grey” have portrayed this sexual fantasy.

When the two partners come forward for submission sex, they cherish an unequal balance of sexual power that is psychologically driven and consciously obsessed.

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