Why I started working as an Escort Lady in Germany .

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Today, when I think back to my former life, I never thought it would be possible to work in this area.

Somehow it happened, and if I say I chose to become Escorts in Germany out of necessity, I’d be lying.

Surely there are other ways and means of earning money.

Beside, I’ve earned a decent job, with training.

The profession for callgirls/whores in Stuttgart Germany occurred to me when  I was thinking about my girlfriends.

All of which began to merge with their relationships at that time.

I’ve never seen myself in this role.

Escorts Hamburg

In the end, the behavior is always the same, many men can be operated from front to back.

They like to be cooked ,washed and ironed housework mostly women’s work.

Why actually:-)

I never wanted this.

I never felt comfortable in the a relationships I had.

I then had more independent relationships we call it affairs.

At some point it didn’t satisfy me either. Always fucking wasn’t mine, the sex wasn’t even good, but many men think like pasha.

The woman can spoil me and the woman is already hot.

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No dear men that is definitely not so.!!!!

We also want to be spoiled, want the men to prepare for such a comedy between give and take.

At some point I found an article about escort on the Internet.

I think the ladies looked great and I was fascinated by what I saw.

I started to inform myself about Escort.

I found an agency on the Internet that appealed to me very much.

Very aesthetic pictures, I almost forgot what it was all about.

At that time I couldn’t believe I was exploring this profession, for me it was more of a fantasy than a decision to work as callgirl in Germany.

Still, I called the Escort agency in Hamburg, Germany, I was curious who was behind it.

I spoke to the agency boss.

She answered all my questions

VIP Escort Germany

One night later, I decided to try.

I made a set card filled my profile with age, smeared, preferences and so on.

And why not? I had nothing to lose, I already knew bad sex.

My first date request didn’t take long.

It was a very nice date in a beautiful hotel in the heart of Frankfurt.

The man was very nice. Great well built in late 30 very polite gentleman halt.

just the way I’ve imagined for it.

The night was very nice.

Well it’s not all the same I learned quickly, but another time I like to learn more.

That was a short introduction, more in a nutshell.

Kiss Jasmina

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